Ecological awareness became an essential element in everyday life and, by analogy, in architecture and design.

The worldwide popularity of wood, natural and traditional material, is constantly increasing due to it’s high ecological and economical advantages. Even if certain parts of the world nourish a long lasting tradition in wooden construction, both traditional and modern, such as North America,northern Europe and  oriental counties, the rest of the world is yet to embrace the mentality of buildins entirely made of wood, in combination with other ecological materials.

Wood as a constrution material has numerous advantages, comparing to other materials: low surface mass, high elasticity, high resistance to stress, seismic activity and fire.

Wooden prefabricated, both private and public, constructions are rapidly spreading on the market due to impressive advantages that they offer:

– short period of montage

– construction even with low temperatures

– permeable material to air – natural ventialtion

– healthy and full of oxygen ambient

– antiallergenic ambient

– self-regulation of the microclimate

– high quality thermal insulator

– no harmful radiation

– good acoustic insulator

– pleasant ambient fragrance

Our studio is specialized in wooden constructions, in all scales, styles and locations, thanks to our experience in wood design, important international partners and tecnical support of our collaborators. We designed a few dozen buildings completely realized in wood.

290 _ Family house, Stari Laz

290 _ Family house, Stari Laz

309 _ Family house, Mrkopalj

610 _ Kindergarten, Malinska

610 _ Kindergarten, Malinska

643_Faculty of Science, Zagreb

643_Faculty of Science, Zagreb

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