243 _ Choco bar Kraš, Rijeka

Program: Interior, according to conceptual design by Geert Suykens
Client: Kraš
Location: Korzo, Rijeka
Project: 2008.
Size: 240 m²
Status: Completed, 2009.

According to the conceptual idea by Geert Suykens, we developed a new interior design for the recently renewed bar and chocolate shop in the centre of Rijeka. The space is devided in two levels where the atrium and the light, open staircase have a double height ceiling. The ground floor shop exposes famous Croatian chocolate trademark products, and the first floor gallery, occupying only a half of the surface available, is tranformed to a illuminated, elegant and luxurious bar. Continuous glass walls which are extended on the three facades created a comfortable, bright indoor terrace in middle of the town core, observing the lovely urban dynamics.
The furnishing has a strong contrast of bright and dark tones, modern, simple lines and baroque elements that transformed once outdated space into a desirable,relaxing and fashionable urban haven.

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