091 _ Kindergarten, Baška

Client: Municipality of Baška
Location: Baška, Island of Krk
Project: 2008.
Size: cca. 1.000 m²
Status: Completed,2011
Program: Education

After 3 years of planning and construction work, in the year 2014. the new kindergarten in Baška, the island of Krk was finalized. The building was carefully designed according to children’s needs that is manifested both in interior and exterior aspect. The facade particularities were created combining the striking orange tone with light brown stone coating. Another very special ambient are the covered terraces. Using a tranparent cover for the terraces on the top of which were put stone tablets, an impressive, playful and variable game of light and shadow is constantly being projected on the terrace walls and floors. Constructive details and materials have the decorative role, both in interior and exterior, creating a very pleasent, comfortable and desirable place for children and adults.

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