314 _ Castle Bembo, Bale

Program: Interior
Client: Universita’ Popolare di Trieste, Unione Italiana Fiume (Italian government)
Location: Bale – Valle, Istria
Project: 2010 – 2011
Size: 640 m2
Status: Completed, 2013
Reconstruction of a Castle

This Gothic-Renaissance castle constructed in the beginning of the 15th century represents the main turistic attraction of the small istrian municipality, Bale. In the year 2010. the project of the castle renovation began, in collaboration with Italian goverment and and Public university of Trieste. Both interior and exterior were renovated to express the original splendor of the castle, using traditional materials, replicating forms and elements, with additional attention for the restoration of original interior wall decorations. Italian union created new headquerters in the castle, so a great importance was dedicated to the careful furnishing that fulfills the needs of the union in the same time respecting the castle ambient and historic importance.

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