643 _ Faculty of Science, Zagreb

Client: University of Zagreb, competition entry
Location: Zagreb, Croatia
Project: 2014.
Size: cca. 30 000 m²
Status: conceptual project
Program: Education

In December 2014. we participated at the architectural competition for the new campus of the University of Zagreb and this conceptual plan represents our vision for the new building complex.
It is a project for the campus of Department of Biology, Geography and Geology at the Facolty of Science.
The leading idea was to create three separated elements, each for one of the departments, connected through ground floor, which occupies all the surface available. The project provides an entreched garage on two levels that solved the problem of the 15 m terrain slope.
The tallest building, in the north of the campus and dedicated to biology, develops seven floors above the ground, the one in the middle, geology building only three, and the south geographic building five levels above the ground.
The ground floor is characterized by a walkable crack that has a role of an open, winding corridor which connects buildings with each other and with other departments in proximity as well.
The creation of the external corridor has a „green“ background because it enables to preserve a protected oak three in the middle of the lot and build around it, creating a more natural and enviromentally friendly ambient.
The roof of the ground floor presents, at the same time, a green plateau for the upper three buildings. It was planned as a great park with connection paths, access ramps and monumental stairs.
The emphasis was on science, ecology, nature and vegetation. All building were designed with wood as the main construction material, apart from the elevator cors in reinforced concrete. The project involves the usage of modern sustainable tecnology, such as solar photovoltaic panels on facades, green roofs and sunbreakers, rainwater collectors, geothermal energy and construction materials with the lowest CO2 emission.

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