421 _ Educational Centre Juraj Klović, Grižane

Program: Creative Development
Client: Vinodolska Općina
Location: Grižane, Vinodolska Općina
Project: 2011.
Size: 180 m2
Status: Completed, 2014

Educational centre Juraj Klović in the small turistic town Novi Vinodolski was established in the renovated building that was once a public school. The centre is dedicate to Juraj Klović, the famous Croatian artist- miniaturist from the 15.th century. The project started in the year 2006. and after the complete renovation of the interior and exterior, the layout of the exhibition was entrusted to our architectural studio. Along with the exposition of his most important work, information about his life and creative legacy, our goal was to create a simple, comprehensibile and interactive exhibition that will keep visitors interested, curious and leaving a strong,memorable impression.

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