375 _ Family house, Kostrena

Program: Housing
Client: Private client
Location: Kostrena, Rijeka
Project: 2012.
Size: 400 m2
Status: Under construction, 2014

Construction of the private house in Kostrena, Croatia.
This recently finalized modern house, counting total surface of 400m2 with external dimensions of 12 x 13,5 meters, is verticaly articulated on three levels. It consist of two separeted residential units , where the first, smaller one covers the basement floor, while the duplex appartament occupies the ground and first floor.
The sloop of the terrain reflects on the design of the house and it’s enviroment, that is risolved with external staircase and the necessary use of the basement level for the residential purposes.
Simple, but rhythmic facades is characterized with large vertical translucent elements and spacious terraces. The element that dominates the exterior aspect of the house is the plane, prominent and beveled roof. Geometric shapes, both structural and decorative metal details and the accented facade tones that contrasts between the darker, basement and lighter upper levels, provide a strong and striking character for this house.