310 _ Kindergarten, Mali Lošinj

Program: Education
Client: Universita’ popolare di Trieste, Unione Italiana Fiume (Italian government)
Location: Mali Lošinj, Island of Lošinj
Project: 2009 – 2010.
Size: cca. 650 m²
Status: Completed, 2011

The hystorical value of Villa Perla has a great meaning for the island of Lošinj as well as for the Italian minority present in this area. It was built at the begginig of the 20th century and changed few owners since. After it was sold to the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the year 2002., in 2009. the project of the renovation began. Two years later it was tranformed in the new headquarters of the Italian comunity of island Lošinj with a special section for the Italian kindergarten. The exterior was renovated to restore the historycal appereance of the villa while the needs of the italian community and the kindergarten were respected while redesigning and furnishing the interior.

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