235 _ Family house, Rijeka

Program: Housing
Client: private client
Location: Rijeka, Hosti
Project: 2008.
Size: cca. 390 m²
Status: Completed, 2010.

Reconstruction of a private detached house in Rijeka periphery.
The housing complex consists of three separated blocks connected through spacious green infield. The project includes both interior and exterior redesign where main features are the use of natural materials, clean, smooth lines and minimalistic decoration. The architectural features of these houses has a strong sense for the surroundings, creating an unobtrusive but imposing complex.
The slope of the terrain is resolved with green terraces and outdoor staircases and the a great attention was draw to the landscaping and the garden decoration.
The largest object is the family house that was reconstructed expanding the high attic and creating three residential levels. Exterior was modernized, while the interior has experienced o complete redesigning using bright tones in combination with light wooden material.
Outdoor covered pool was built in the proximity of the family house. The main decorative, traditional element is the stone cladding that constrast geometrical aspect of the pool pavilion.
Third object is a smaller , two-storey house that was converted into a warehouse on the ground floor, connected to the first floor with the spiral staircase. The first floor corresponds to the street level addopting the garage function.
This mixture between traditional and modern architecture that re-emerged in a vaste green surrounding represents a desirable living space of the modern littoral suburbs.

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