180 _ Apartments, Jadranovo

Program: Housing
Client: private client
Location: Jadranovo
Project: 2007. – 2010.
Size: 750 m²
Status: Under construction, 2014

Apartment complex in a small turistic settlement near the city of Rijeka that is curently in the state of constructive finalization.
It consists of two terraced residential buildings that are accurately following the terrain slope, developing the gradual section. It is a example of a contemporary architecture with simple, smooth lines and forms, where the functional elements like facade glass openings are the primary both functional and decorative items. The south facade openings are naturally more highlighted where all the open terraces are orienteted towards the south panoramic view of Kvarner bay. The settlement uses all the open space available to create a strong connection with the green enviroment and the seaside landscape, like converting the flat roofing into terrace gardens.
The combination of the new, modern construction with all the modern residetial features like the private swimming pool, quality design terraces and private parking spaces, that wisely exploits the advantages of this location and its breathtaking panorama creates a comfortable and desirable living enviroment.