127 _ Settlemente Zambratija, Umag

Program: Housing
Client: Saning d.o.o.
Location: Zambratija, Umag
Project: 2006.
Size: 6.246 m²
Status: Constructed, 2009.

The total of 160 residential units (7 buildings in a row and 8 private residential) , are divided in two main typologies dipending of the size of their living space: 80 m2 and 46m2 appartaments. The smaller ones are located on the frontend and the buildings back wall.
Essential feature of the project is to create open spaces: on the ground floor units creating private gardens, on the first floor with large atrium and on higher floors with coverred terraces.
Space disposition of the main residential functions was planned considering the principle of the optimal insolation and aeration conditions.
The main target for the external architectural appearance was to avoid the usage of monotonic, repeating facade elements and at the same time to create interesting, rhythmic and colorful facades with comfortable terraces.
These factors provide high level of natural light using flexible glass walls and opportune locating of translucent architectural elements in relation to the internal space disposition that classify Zambratija Settlement as pleseasant living and men-oriented architecture.

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